Documentary: Open To All

Teaser of the mesmerizing documentary project O.T.A  – directed by Ottilie Maters. A co-production with Trip to the Moon Films. Release planned for 2025.




S10 x Froukje

2024-07-23T16:15:31+01:00|Nooit Meer Spijt|

Some blood, some sweat, maybe some tears, but no more regrets! Watch 'Nooit Meer Spijt', our latest video clip for Dutch rising stars S10 and Froukje.

GIRO 555 – Ukraine


In news coverage, we missed the personal stories of the people in Ukraine (aid workers and people in need) themselves. We wanted to help Giro555 cover this important part, and there we went.


2023-08-08T11:32:49+01:00|VINCENT TILANUS & JUDITH RIJSENBRIJ|

A young woman tries to escape captivity while being haunted by bewildering dreams. Check out the trailer of our Nederlands Film Festival 2022-selected short film by Vincent Tilanus and Judith Rijsenbrij.



Our music video for Italy's Eurovision Song Festival 2022 contestants, Mahmood and BLANCO. The two took a trip with us and ended up somewhat between Diemen and Terschelling. "Brividi" is an excellent guide to the Netherlands.


2023-08-08T11:44:22+01:00|Grow Your Creativity|

Mix up cultural and technological advancement with the timeless elements of creativity - and you get the creative industry. ADCN - Club for Creativity enables you to grow your creativity. Take a look, and you might as well just get the flow yourselves.


2023-09-21T16:48:25+01:00|OTTILIE MATERS & MIRJAM MANUSAMA|

Short fashion film that shows the process of an inner-world experience, self-liberation, and healing. Nominated for the Dutch Creativity Awards.


2024-07-23T14:56:50+01:00|Defensity College|

As you prepare a peanut butter sandwich for a crew member, you're heavily disturbed by an Apache pilot calling you about its landing. Yes! It's another Trip to the Moon Films production!


2023-09-13T08:38:49+01:00|Stories that Matter|

Connecting the world to stories that matter is what World Press Photo Foundation has been doing for nearly 75 years. We produced their introduction video's for World Press Photo 2021.


2023-08-08T11:46:09+01:00|A New Drink in Town|

Once upon a time in a retro-chic town, a new drink arrived... Seen it all? Think twice while having a look at Rogier Smalhout's latest work with us.