Early March 2022, “Night for Ukraine – Giro555” is on Dutch television. During the show, volunteers from all over the Netherlands talk about their private fundraisers, Dutch celebrities explain why Ukrainians need your help, and NGO directors pledge that raised money will be spent well. A grande night with a great outcome: over 100 million euros raised for Ukraine.

There’s one narrative that we missed during the night, though: the stories of the people in Ukraine (aid workers and people in need) themselves. We wanted to help Giro555 in getting this important part covered and therewith raise more awareness for the conflict – as well as for humanitarian aid in general.

So we began. One month later, we booked a flight into Poland, and from there, aboard a UN bus into Ukraine (complying with all mandatory safety guidelines with Giro555 at all times).

Together with Giro555, we tried to cover some stories of those who benefit from help and those who give it – both supported by Giro555. Watch the video below to see the result; feel free to share.

*Check out our Stories page to read the back story on our Ukraine trip by clicking here.

By the Trip to the Moon Films Team
– special thanks to Barry Clarke/Captcha Amsterdam and Ricky Cherim