Trailer on our short film “Lawines”. In this film we find Judith, a young woman, locked in a room. She longs for contact with others and control. Guided by her feverish dreams, she is able to free herself from isolation.

Next to the official selection at the Nederlands Film Festival 2022, the short film is selected for Dutch Design Week 2022, Amsterdam Dance Event 2022, and Fashion Clash Festival 2022. We’re hosting a big viewing/release party with Puntjudith on October 27th at PLLEK Amsterdam. Get your tickets and join in the partee: click here

2022 – NFF (The Netherlands)

STARRING: Judith Rijsenbrij

WRITTEN BY: Vincent Tilanus & Judith Rijsenbrij
DIRECTOR: Vincent Tilanus
CAMERA: Eva Heinsbroek

MUSIC: Puntjudith