When we first got contacted about making a music video with Segraphy and Joachim Spruijt, we were happy. When we knew it was for famed American musician Moby together with Gaidaa, we were excited.  When we learned it would involve a trip to Peru, we were sold! 

The images of Transit are mainly set in the Andes, where modern and traditional lives and stories intersect. Paired with the exquisite VFX work of the Panics – I mean, there is a levitating truck! — this work is more than a music video. It is a love letter to Peru and its people, written in images, by Segraphy. 

“Throughout generations, many Peruvians have been in strong contact with nature and their spirituality. A way of life that is all about balance: when you cut down a tree, you plant a seed afterwards. This approach on our life on earth is the most important thing I, as a director of Peruvian descent, and my team wanted to showcase in this film.

I find my pride in the resilience of my people and the happiness within they find. A philosophy and way of life, we as creators think modern western civilisation could learn from a lot.

The people in this film all have their own very unique stories. All of these people have helped out tremendously, and we have tried to help them in the best way we could. Everyone you see in this film has permitted us to show their story. We want to thank all the kind, beautiful and supportive people who made this film possible”. — Segraphy