Dirk van Niekerk

Dirk van Niekerk is a South African director based in Cape Town. As a director, Dirk has worked for a broad variety of brands such as Mercedes and Vodafone. He is best known for his work “Dead Fish Eyes” for Surf Shack, for which he won multiple prices including a Cannes Lion in 2018.

Dirk’s style can be described as energetic, humorous and focused. With his experience he knows how to build a compelling story that attracts and sustains the attention. With many years of directing- and DOP experience across the globe, even in the most remote circumstances, Dirk has attained the ability to perform on the highest level. Whether he is shooting on the sea, in the desert, with gang-members in the slums or the national rugby-team, Dirk will find that edge that makes a project more than exceptional.

Dirk is available for projects in Europe, Africa and well… anywhere else on the globe really.

Click here to see all of Dirk’s work on Vimeo.

Roles: Director, DOP
Based : Cape Town